“Artist Tips From the Trenches” – Channel Forbus

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I reached out to Channel Forbus and asked if he ever had time, could he send me some tips on how he got to where he is now. Below, is his unedited response.


Well Mr Thomas, 1st off I have to say that I appreciate you even taking the time to check me out and even more so that you like and appreciate what I do. For that, thank you from the most genuine place possible. 2nd as for what I do…I am not successful, no where close to it but that may be a matter of perspective and goals. Tips I cannot provide all I can give are recaps of my experiences and thoughts through my music and maybe even things NOT to do. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and continue to make a lot of mistakes by investing my heart in the wrong places and the wrong people….that will affect your work flow and contingency…avoid that and embrace the ones who do genuinely love you (These people will tell you where you lack, this is what makes you better…they may not be haters, just people who want you to do better). Do not conform if its not organic to you, if you do not feel it it will not work. Also….believe in yourself or else no one will, don’t wait for the bandwagon or the fans or the listeners. If you pour your heart love and soul into your craft, unlike people that love will be forever and permanently trapped in that space of time that we call ‘a recording’ treat it like your child every time and know what to do with it and show people what you are made of.

If your intentions are truthful, the world should at least respect it. If not… fuck them.


I want to thank Channel Forbus for responding and be sure to check out his pages. Links are below. If you want more posts like this, or thought this was helpful, don’t forget to like and share. Thank you. – JustDreamz


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