“Artist Tips from the Trenches” – Merv of DGS

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I reached out to DGS and asked if they ever had time, could they send me some tips on how they got to where they are now? Below, is Merv’s unedited response.


As for tips, I would say one thing artists often forget is that it isn’t enough just to make art anymore. It’s just as important to market, network, and do all the other necessary things to get your art out there. That being said, one man can’t do everything. You need a team of people or else it’s just too much. At first you can do all the writing, production, marketing, etc yourself while you’re small, but you gotta also look at building a team to take some of the load as you grow. We have a great team of camera guys, designers, and even people just to help lift things and give us rides during shows. Never underestimate the power of a team, especially as an artist. Look at all the contemporary greats right now: Drake has OVO, Rocky has A$AP, Tyler has OFWGKTA; you need a team.

O and one thing I wanna add is it aint enough to work hard but you gotta work effectively. It’s not enough just to pump out good song after good song, although it is important to stay consistent, you also need to plan out the manner you deliver the songs in. How you plan out release dates, what songs get music videos, how you order songs on mix tapes or set lists. These are all just as vital as the songs you actually release.


I want to thank Merv for responding and be sure to check out DGS’s page. Links are below. If you want more posts like this, or thought this was helpful, don’t forget to like and share. Thank you. JustDreamz






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