I Have Powers No One Else Knows About

By admin on May 31, 2015 in General , Motivation - 0 Comments

Last night, my fiancé and I watched the Academy Award winning movie Birdman. If you have some spare time and spare change, I would recommend picking it up at your local Redbox. While it doesn’t particularly grab me in a way that makes me want to watch it multiple times, it does give a refreshing story that contrasts the summer blockbuster season we are currently in. At the end, I could tell my fiancé wasn’t a fan, but nonetheless, for me, seeing the continuous shot technique used throughout the movie makes it worth $1.27…or whatever Redbox raised the price to these days.

Anyway, I wanted to discuss a particular theme that was brought up in the beginning of the movie. When you get introduced to the main character, Riggan Thomson, you see him levitating in his dressing room. It’s later discussed, helped by the conversation between him and his inner “Birdman”, that he is different from everyone else in the world. It seems as though he has played this superhero on the big screen while having actual super powers in real life. While questions and dialogue pop up throughout the movie guiding the audience think more and more that he is the real deal, there is a scene that makes you wonder if any of this is true. Does he have these powers we were made to believe, or is he just wacko in the middle of a nervous breakdown?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the director leaves that distinction up to us. We get to make our own conclusions in the same manner we make our own conclusions about ourselves. I’ve found that while I’m in the process of following my dreams, I’m met with questions from myself and others on if I am in fact the “real deal”. Do I actually have the talent to succeed? Do I actually have the drive and consistency to succeed? Am I crazy for even trying this?

Since in my cases we do not get the instant gratification we desire, it can be disheartning to feel a power inside yourself,  yet have no one else recognize you for it. While I know that success is only seen by others years after hard work it is put in, I’ve learned that no matter what, I have the power to make my own conclusions about the journey to get there. I know I can do it, it’ll just take some time before everyone else sees it too…and I’m fine with that.


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