In the Zone

By admin on May 06, 2015 in General - 0 Comments

Whats up guys and gals? I know it’s been a while but I wanted to let you know I’m still here. You can’t get rid of me that easily! Today I want to talk about being “In the Zone!” From my last post until now, I’ve been searching for that tool that’s going to get my mind right. For me, as many of you out there have possibly dealt with, it’s hard to stay in that mindset of creation and building. My site, my music, and my business have all taken more time to develop than I initially thought. I compare each skill to learning how to walk or read as a child. They were so challenging in fact, I must admit, I got burnt out. That’s why there are no videos, Facebook posts, and daily updates. I really needed to take some time and get back to the basics; re-brand myself. Lately, it’s all been about the music. I felt the music I put out wasn’t on par with what I thought I needed. If the goal is to put out the best music I can, and if I’m not doing that, whats the point really? [bctt tweet=”It’s been long overdue to push myself to the next level. It’s been long overdue to grow.”]

In saying all that, I feel I’ve really hit my stride with feeling good about pursuing my dream. My music sounds better, and I’m doing things that make me excited to work on my craft each day. Gradually, I’ll add everything back in and come back even better. I guess you could say, I’m finally “In the Zone.”

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