Nightlife Ambitions (Hip Hop, Distorted Neon City Type Beat) Prod. JustDreamz

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What’s up everybody? As you can see I’m back with another beat. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the beat and the way it’s presented. I try to take things to another level, so let me know how I can improve.

The Process – Nightlife Ambitions (Hip Hop, Distorted Neon City Type Beat)

Like a lot of my beats, this started with a sample. It gave me an idea of a mood and some bare bones to flesh out. In this particular instance, it plays through most of the beat and is the driving melody. It is taken out in the 1st bar of the chorus to add some variance though. The sample itself has a light hi-pass filter, compression, and distortion thrown on to add to the mood, and make it a little more “back alley street”  type feel. Once I chopped it up, I started to add the drums.

In all actuality, I tried to do more with the melody, but nothing sounded right to me. The drums were kind of a last resort to just keep the process moving. As an aside, I had a punk guitar sample I was working on earlier, and ended up stopping because I couldn’t find any melody to go with. I REALLY didn’t want that to happen again. Anyway, the drums came easier at this point while still keeping in mind I didn’t want to overcrowd the beat, which I’ve noticed to be a mistake I’ve made in other songs. I wanted to stay pretty open while driving it along, giving a structure for the artist to weave a flow across. My favorite part of the drums are the congo sounds. I have to say the panning delay just adds another level to drums. I love when a sequence sounds wide and in space. When you listen to it in headphones you really feel like they’re traveling around you.

Next, I added the typical sub 808s to give some bass. The one thing I hate about Instagram, please follow if you haven’t already, is that any bass is totally taken out since it’s generally a phone app, and phones don’t go that low. With my latest beats especially, it takes out an essential element to fall in love with. For all producers, have you found some way of dealing with this? I myself try to make sure my sub 808s have higher tone so that at least some of it can come through. Another thing that helped with this is adding a little distortion onto them as well. Like the sample, it gave more character.

Lastly, I added a little pluck sound, I forget the name at the moment, but it comes in the last bar of the verse and though the chorus. It drives the chorus more than the original sample because of the additional delay added. When making a beat, definitely try adding some arpeggiated sounds or delays to give more of that “bounce” feel.

It was a pretty simple beat that I think works for the type of feeling I wanted to get across. In most cases I don’t think you need too much. I was watching some Jake One videos and a lot of his beats only have like 6 parts which was interesting. He said, “If you have the right sounds, you don’t need a whole bunch.”

If you’re feeling the beat, lease it on the beat store page, and check out the others available. If you look through all of them, and are vibin but can’t find a specific type of beat you’re looking for, then go somewhere else! Sike nah Sike nah. Comment below, or email me at on what you want, and I will do my best to make it happen. Always up for challenges.

Until next time. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re JustDreamz.

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