TOTD – 10/15/14

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Tip Of The Day

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

I think it’s more important to enhance yourself rather than enhance your equipment. If you enrich yourself with the knowledge to succeed, then you can succeed no matter what equipment you have at your disposal. This is just a rehashing of the old adage, if give a man a fish he only eats for a day…I’m sure you know the rest. Anyway, this idea includes how you interact with people as well. In this day and age, you not only have to have the skills, but you also have to entice potential customers to want those skills. Point blank, it’s a matter of how you differentiate yourself from the next guy or gal, and like I’ve said in an earlier post, it again is all about your mindset.

I just finished my first run through of this audio book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I also insist the audio book because it takes a little getting into at first, but after that, there are some valuable gems. One of the overall points I want to discuss today is taking an interest in others. Personally, I thought I was a pretty nice guy when it came to life in general, and usually tried to think about how someone else felt before i reacted. After I finished this tape, I realized I wasn’t transposing those values onto my business practices. I found myself thinking about how can I get what I want from this person, instead of, how can I give this person what they want. It’s a small tweak in outlook that will give you far better results. Your audience will see the value you provide, and support you for it.

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