TOTD – 10/9/14

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Tip Of The Day


Recently I’ve opened myself up to examining my mindset. This doesn’t only apply to music but with everything. It ranges from making money to making myself happy. My mindset I believe has been holding me back these recent years. I am the kind of person that will wait to have all the information and everything right before I decide to do something or make some sort of jump. I realize now that there is some limit to how long this can take. It should in fact be short. At some point I and you need to take action. I used that period of gaining info as a crutch or excuse not to do something. I’ve gone so far as to tell someone not to do what I was doing…but still continued to keep the same behavior. My tip to you is to START. Whatever it may be just START. Don’t be afraid to accept and receive the the gifts and hardships of your dreams.

Show everyone they’re not JustDreamz.

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