Why Fly When You Can Ride In Style

By admin on May 11, 2015 in Motivation - 0 Comments

Even Birds Know How to Use UBER

Today I saw something that made me go WTF…literally. While I was driving on the highway this morning, I saw the most random thing. On the car next to me, going 60 – 65 MPH, was a bird perched on top of its back bumper. It was a tiny brown bird, probably unassuming in any other situation. I would assume I in fact have probably seen this bird Deal with itbefore, never knowing how special it truly was. As I drove closer. it turned its head toward me for a slip second. I could only imagine this was the bird’s way to make sure I knew it was real. It wanted to make sure I told of it’s travels, only adding to its legend. As I continued to look on in amazement, I could only picture the gif of sunglasses covering the bird’s eyes saying, “Deal With It.” Unfortunately, right as I had the idea to capture this once in a lifetime moment with my phone, the car whizzed past, forever out of my sight, and into that of another unsuspecting viewer.

Sometimes, even birds need to catch a ride. If you are trying to accomplish a goal, do some research to see who else has made it in the field you are pursuing. Use them as guides and mentors so that you are not trying to duplicate work that is already out there for consumption. [bctt tweet=”Don’t try and expend energy flying when there is a perfectly good ride in front of you.”]

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