About Me

About Me

Who is JustDreamz?

I can remember the first time my brother got mad at me for singing made up songs in the car too much. Little did I know, I’ d somehow return to those memories in order to validate my journey.

Growing up, I was always around music in some way, whether it was taking lessons, or listening to Jazz and Oldies in my parents’ cars. Unfortunately, just like any other kid, I hated to practice, and since I wasn’t that good, I began to lose interest in playing myself.

Later on in life I still found myself being drawn towards music. Some time in high school I downloaded a copy of Fruity Loops to start making my own songs. At the time, I felt like the lyrics on the radio were lacking, so all I had to do was make an amazing beat and It’ll be a hit. Little did I know “all I had to do” was very hard. I became frustrated that my music sounded NOTHING like the music on the radio, and chalked it up to “Oh they just have better sounds than me”.

After taking a break from music, I again was pulled back during my freshman year of college. This time, I wanted to try the other side of music. I said, “If I can’t make a polished beat, I’ll just rap over free beats and someone will find me”. That too, was “harder than I thought”. Still though, I kept at it here and there.

During college, my music career too many twists and turns, from DJing, to rapping, to producing. Still though, in my mind, as much as I wanted music to be an eventual career, I wasn’t serious enough about the fulfillment of that dream. It took a Wiz Khalifa concert the summer of my junior year for it to click.

From then till now, I knew I wanted to be involved with music. Having a full time job in finance, and trying to create my own business in something completely different is tough. There have been many many ups and downs with my journey, and times where I was about to give up. One night, I found myself laying in bed trying to look for a sign that this is what I was supposed to do…a sign that I was on the right journey.

Looking back at my life, I began to finally realize there were plenty of signs along the way. I made a promise to myself that night that I’m going to make this work.

Justdreamz is a revelation of the signs I was too blind to see as a young kid.