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On the Spot – Studio Session 8/6/16

Studio session from 8/6/16.

All you need is a few good friends.

Magnificent – Studio Snippet | Kid Justice

Studio footage of us recording one of Kid Justice’s new songs for his upcoming project, Deconstruction.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Submit Your Music Business Questions Today

It’s been been far too long!

It may not be the best thing to reignite our friendship by asking a favor of you…but oh well, I’m gonna ask anyway.

Can you please tell me what you want to know?!

I’m going to begin writing articles to help  get you to that next level, no matter where you are now.

BUT I want to make sure I give you the right information, the information that will solve your problems.

Getting to the next level is only a matter of knowing the right information. Take control of your music career. Let me give you the knowledge to do so.

So, without further ado, look at the article ideas below.

If you like the idea, just leave a comment below with that article name or number. You can write more than one, OR even write your own.

Help me help you. The articles that get mentioned move to the top of my list to write.

So let’s get started.

  1. How to get your first check from music
  2. How to book your first show
  3. Beat Leasing Breakdown, and which you should go with
  4. How long does it take to make it in music?
  5. When is the right time to quit pursuing music?
  6. How to get your first music deal
  7. How to reach out for collaborations
  8. Should you stay an independent artist or sign to a label?
  9. How much money can you make in music?
  10. Which investments are right for your music?
  11. How to become the best music artist
  12. How to get your #music on itunes
  13. How to get more fans
  14. Will you ever be a successful artist?
  15. Traits of successful music artists
  16. How to get your first manager
  17. Step by step tutorial for releasing your first album
  18. How to put out the best quality album
  19. Marketing strategies for your first album release
  20. Music and Taxes
  21. When to set up a business license for your music
  22. How to go from bedroom artist to major label
  23. How to double your #music fan base
  24. Should you make music for yourself, or for your fans?
  25. How to quit your day job and pursue music full time

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through them. Again, be sure to comment below the article you would like to be written first. Help me help you.

Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

-Trent aka JustDreamz

BpDaDon – Shout Out (Official Music Video)

New music from BpDaDon – “Shout Out”. It definitely has that classic 90’s summer feel to it. If you like this don’t forget to let him know in the comment section below.

J.R. – Riden (Ridin) Thru [Official Music Video]

Music Spotlight

Check out the official video for “Riden” by J.R. This is the featured song on his demo Pray For Me. He hails from New Jersey and is definitely one to watch out for. If you like the music don’t forget to let him know below in the comments.

Who Are You?

Music Producer Extraordinaire

Last week I caught up with someone I haven’t seen at the gym in forever. In fact, the last time I saw him I was still going to the gym in the afternoons. I’ve since changed my routine to go before work, but it’s always refreshing when one of them decides to transcend their after work gym time habits, and see what it’s like on the other side. We are few, but we are strong…Still, then and now, we were, and are, only acquaintances; the type you nod your head to in order to show familiarity from that one time you might have spoken to each other, for a total of 5 mins, months or years ago.

Anyway, we again struck up a conversation about a new training class he was taking. He referred to it as a beastly workout that isn’t for the faint of heart, providing the caveat that just as anything else in life, you do get out what you put in. For myself, I am still trying to get “cut up” for the summer, so I was down for anything that would help. He then asked the customary, “What’s your Facebook? I’ll add you and let you know when the next demo is.” I proceeded to let him know my name, even making sure he added the right person. You can never be too safe, I mean who knows what trouble my doppelganger could be getting into.

Once the request was sent, and not a second later, he then asked, “Oh you’re a music producer? Now I have two professions listed on my Facebook profile. The first job is of my current 9-5, and the other is as a music producer at Just Dreamz Entertainment. I must admit, it was a little jarring to hear this said aloud. The way it hit my ears just felt so unnatural and naughty, but yet so right. I realized then, that if this is something I truly want to accomplish in my life, I have to believe it my damn self before I even can fathom others to see me that way as well.

After giving him full disclosure that music was just a “hobby” for now, I made sure to say it’s the plan to do it full time in the future. I don’t when when in the future it will happen. I also don’t know how it will happen. I do know that if I confidently believe I am a music producer already, I’ve already made it half way there.